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The Winn Item Tracking System or WITS is our web-based tracking solution designed to track any accountable item from its entry point (typically mail and receiving) to its delivery point within the company. Winn solutions put a great focus on client relationship and direct feedback to provide diverse range of solutions for clients in various industries: Financial, Healthcare, Education, Government and etc. WITS is now in its 8th generation with lots of technology advancement and improvement based on modern business needs. As a Microsoft .NET application, it is both user and administrator friendly, giving a fast training and learning curve for the end users. WITS handles the simplest to the most complex tracking tasks, while you could customize to fit all tracking needs. This single system is designed to support for all tracking scenarios and solve complicated issues in supply chain. With its SAAS - Software As A Service feature, enterprise clients may self host the solution at ease. One more great benefit using SAAS is that there is no need to buy your own servers and software licenses, WITS is ready to plug and play immediately. How fast is it? Web Server is ready for customer to use in less than 30 minutes and average receipt generation takes less than 1 second. The average search time is less than 1 second and the average report generation takes less than 2 seconds. Moreover, the synchronization of 100 receipts consumes less than 4 seconds and the synchronization of 1000 receipts only take you less than 30 seconds in total. No matter what industry you are in, 24x265 maintenance and support is available by Winn Solutions.

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