Widmer P-400 Series Perforator Universal Text

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In today's world, everyone needs an extra degree of protection especially when it comes to sensitive documents, that is why you should get Widmer P-400 series. Perforator holes can't be erased and P-400 is one of best manual perforators on market today. It is a heavy duty, yet compact and portable perforating machine that is quite economically priced. Its operation is also very effective with its solid steel handle and fulcrum pin mechanism. P-400's permanent hole punches allows you to void documents such as drivers' licenses and other plastic ID cards. It can also validate up to 8 different documents at once! Not only can this perforator punch holes but it has a selection lettering that includes VOID, PAID, PAGADO, CANCELLED, CANCELADO, RETIRED and other custom lettering up to 8 characters.

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