Widmer E-3 Transcript Embosser

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Options include state seal and text and custom seal with art work at an additional cost. Widmer's new E-3 electric embosser is quick, accurate and cost effective. This embosser is perfect for single sheet and two-part carbonized forms, as well as certificates, diplomas, and legal papers. Trigger mechanism can be set to stamp at the same depth consistently and accurately or optional guide shelves allow for exact positioning every time. Other options include footpedal or push button stamping, security lock, visual counter, and extension trigger.Now available is the 776-E to emboss a raised seal into a document while at the same time printing a combination of signature, title, date and additional text in one step. It can sign, validate, certify and date university and college transcripts, birth and marriage certificates, and offer the one step solution to many municipal, county, state and national government agency applications.

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