Datastroyer by Whitaker Brothers X-1 Fan Type Waste Evacuation System

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Whitaker Brothers X-1 Fan Type Waste Evacuation System:This system includes: fan unit, filter(s), stand, manual starter, duct(s), supports ; flexible hose with proper clamps. X-1 is ready to run with very little assembly and is shipped knocked down for easy handling. Features include: discharge into 55 gallon drum or plastic bag; return-to-the-room air is filtered through a single filter bag connected to unit via rigid ductwork; optional voltages available. Dimensions: 78"H x 60"W x 30"D. Casters add 4" to height.X-1 is connected to disintegrator's outlet and removes destroyed material and dust from disintegrator. residue is pneumatically conveyed, via flexible hose, from disintegrator to a small fan cyclone/separator. particles are collected in a disposable plastic bag(s) for easy disposal and dust is conveyed to a filter(s) which cleans air before returning it to room.

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