Wexler US-2100AD 75mm Standard Arch Bander (430x205)

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Wexler US-2100AD 75mm Standard Arch Bander (430x205): If you have need to bundle bulky items together as part of manufacturing process, it is likely that you already know all about wide format banding. However, while you may have dealt with messy glues and high heat welding processes in past, Wexler US2100 75mm Standard Arch Bander is a wide format bander that uses only cold welding to create consistent and durable bonds. Wexler US2100 75mm standard arch bander employs ultrasonic technology to perform cold welding on a variety of materials. From colored papers to heavy duty plastics, this machine is capable of creating a range of bonds. You can use a heavier seal to make a permanent or durable bond, or you can use lightest seal to make a bond that easily peels open. Of course, many manufacturers appreciate Wexler US2100 75mm Standard Arch Bander because it allows them to determine length of band, and to adjust amount of tension on product. This is why such delicate items as cardboard egg cartons can be easily sealed in this unit and why corrugated cardboard can also be safely strapped together in it as well.Wexler US2100 standard arch bander offers one of largest arches available at 17" x 8". To top it off, Wexler US2100 75mm bander is also one of lowest maintenance systems available. massive reel that dispenses 75mm material remains in plain sight to prevent any mid-batch problems. unit does not require any preheating and absence of glue means that there are no risks of debris falling into works. machine can handle up to 35 banding actions each minute, but when an optional thermal printer is attached, process can be slowed. Mounted on heavy casters and set into a durable steel cabinet, this machine is also extremely easy to relocate for expansive use by an entire office. digital interface makes it easy for even beginners to put it to use and system relies on easy access hatches meant to clear any jams. Wexler US2100 75mm standard arch bander is a good solution for those who require a range of wide format strapping or banding functions and who want cold welding for optimal performance.

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