Wexler US-2100AD-C 100mm Standard Bander (430x205)

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Wexler US-2100AD-C 100mm Standard Bander (430x205): Wide format banding is used to hold many items together, but it is also used as a form of packaging as well. For example, towels, blankets, and containers can all be sealed for marketing with use of a wide format band. WexlerUS-2100 Standard Arch Bander is a unique form of wide format bander because it uses preferable cold welding methods that cut down on mess, maintenance, and risks to workers or products. cold welds done by Wexler US-2100 Standard Arch Bander rely on ultrasonic technologies. This can create a permanent bond in plastic, poly, or paper bands or it can make a seal that is easy to peel away and open. level of tension that is applied is entirely in control of machine operator, and so too is total length of band as well. This is why so many businesses turn to wide format bands as a form of packaging.large arch size of Wexler US-2100 (max. 17"x8") means that there are few commercial goods that cannot be strapped together with machine. It relies on wide, 75mm, bands and can handle up to 35 (or more) banding actions each minute. When a thermal printer is integrated into system, however, this can cut down on number of products that can be handled. Wexler US-2100 bander is mounted on a sturdy, steel frame and features rugged casters that allow it to be easily relocated for use. machine is remarkably easy to use thanks to simple design, oversized strapping dispenser wheel, and digital user interface that allows for a great deal of fine tuning. Not only is it an easy to use banding system, but it is also very low maintenance. This is due to lack of any heating elements or messy glues. Unlike many banding systems, this one will not put a worker at risk because of heated elements or materials, it will not drop debris into machine, and it will not put undo wear and tear on system with constant heating and cooling cycles. It is a safe and efficient way to bundle goods of all kinds and is an ideal component for any firm that wants to process and package in one step.

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