Wexler US-2000LD 20mm Loop Bander

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Wexler US-2000LD 20mm loop Bander promises convenience, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness for your everyday strapping jobs.US-2000 machine has been designed for heavy usage applications. sealing uses an ultrasonic weld which offers various of benefits to end users. machine operates with fast, clean and controlled weld. weld strength could be adjusted from a peelable to a permanent weld, which gives you more options in banding. There is no adhesive build-up on sealing head which results in minimal maintenance and ban jams, reducing your workload significantly. This strong weld works well for high tension applications as well, serving a variety of goods. One advantage is that there would be no warm-up time required, which saves business with time at reasonable costs. Also, cold weld process eliminates risk of heat damage to product, and this could prolong life of machine. In addition, digital controller offers precise adjustments, fault indications, soft tension, fixed length, multiple languages, diagnostic and statistical tools, as well as password protection. Bare in mind that most US-2000 models do not require compressed air, which could save you up to $1,400 per year in energy costs. adjustable working height ranges from 30" to 39", which allows different banding sizes.

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