Triumph 7260 Automatic Paper Cutter

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As the largest model in the Triumph cutter line, the Triumph 7260 is a guillotine cutter with hydraulic clamp, programmable power backgauge, and an array of renowned safety features. The Triumph 7260 offers a cutting length of 28-3/8" and a cutting height of a full 3". Bright and durable LEDs display an optical cutting line, which indicates where the cut will be made. Thanks to the Easy Cut system, true two-hand operation has evolved. The blade and clamp can be activated independently through the two-step activating bars. These bars offer separate trigger points for the blade and clamp. This two-hand operation provides maximum operator safety by occupying the user's hands during the cutting process. Speaking of safety, the IR light barrier located on the front table prevents potential harmful operation. When an object (hands or a piece of clothing for example) enters the cutting zone, operation is immediately halted. A disc brake ensures instant stopping of the blade, and an automatic return to the safe position is activated. Other features of the SCS (Safety Cutting System) include a transparent safety cover on the rear table, safety lock with key and main switch, and low voltage. Adjust the blade depth easily from outside of the cutter. The blade and cutting sticks can be changed or turned from the front of the machine without removing any covers. The blade changing device guarantees safe changing and replacement of the HSS steel blade. The electro-mechanical backgauge drive features precision spindle for exact positioning. The programmable backgauge control module is easy to operate and ensures optimum workflow in the program mode. Two dimensions can be entered with the key button keypad. Users can store 99 programs with up to 99 steps in each program. The high capacity memory can also store frequent or repeat cuts. For convenience, the control module features an integrated calculator. Digital display for measurement readout is offered in both inches and centimeters, and displays accurately to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch. Push buttons are available for automatic backgauge movement. For manual repositioning, the electronic hand wheel offers infinitely variable speed control (from very slow to very fast). The Triumph 7260 is equipped with standard airtables on both the front and rear table. The practical hook-in tool holder is located on the rear table and conveniently organizes all necessary tools for blade change and service jobs..

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