Triumph 6550 EP Paper Cutter - Refurbished

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The Ideal Triumph 6550 EP is very similar to the 4850 EP in that both are beneficially programmable, but it differs from the 4850 in cutting capability. This robust paper cutting machine has an exceptional cutting width of 25 1/2 inches and easily handles parent stock. The 6550 EP also has a high capacity memory, in that the control module can store up to 99 programs and each job can have up to 9 repeat cuts. The 10 button keypad is easy to use and allows you to program your frequently used settings. Back gauge setting are displayed digitally and are proven to be accurate to 1/10 of a millimeter or 1/100 of an inch. A bright, LED cutting line displays exactly where you are cutting to avoid any miscalculations. Your documents are flawlessly cut by the powerful Solingen steel knife. Narrow separations and plastic gliders provide even more efficiency and precision. For all its attributes and proficiency, the Triumph 6550 EP electric cutter is tremendously safe. To avoid hazards or harmful cutting, MBM equips its paper cutters with the standard Safety Cutting System (SCS). This comprehensive package includes the original safety drive from Ideal, clear mechanically controlled safety guard on the front table, disc brake that instantly stops the blade, and a knife changing device that covers the sharp edge of the blade. Always be alerted about any cutter mishap thanks to the self-diagnostic system with error indication. The 6550 EP is a floor model cutter, equipped with a cutting stand and convenient storage shelf perfect for your knife changing tools. The MBM Triumph 6550 paper cutter meets any cutting demand with its versatile cutting ability and convenient features. ;Cuts an incredible quantity of paper; 3 inch cutting height and 25 1/2 inch cutting width, with tremendous amount of room behind blade and on front table in front of blade.;Ease-of-use and accuracy is almost immaculate; all you have to do is type in is sheet size, and back gauge will move accordingly into place.

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