Triumph 5222 Digicut Paper Cutter (New Model Available)

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Hydraulic Triumph Cutter 5222 Digicut: Triumph 5222 Digicut is a hydraulic paper cutter that boasts sheer size and power, and powerful it is. Able to accommodate digitally printed stock, its cutting capacity is pretty impressive. This Triumph cutter can slice through more then 3 inches of paper with its German-made Solingen steel cutting knife, with unmatched durability. You receive accurate cuts every time. With over 20 inches of cutting space behind blade and 16 inches on table in front of blade, there is plenty of cutting room, and this machine easily handles large sizes of paper. Ideal 5222 Digicut also offers front safety light beams that enable back gauge to automatically move on to next cut. Programmable and durable, this electric cutter has a back gauge with a 10-button keypad, stores common measurements and has all metal parts, making it very durable. Since it is a hydraulic cutter, power is low-maintenance, and operation is hassle-free. sophisticated Triumph 5222 Digicut paper cutter easily has ability to cut large sheets of paper and durability to last all day, endlessly delivering satisfying results. ;Delivers mark-free paper (even specialty stock) that will not be indented, due to false clamp and hydraulic controls.;Very flexible; foot pedal provides pre-clamping, if desired, and side tables for a bigger work area are standard.;Comes with standard "SCS" safety features that are characteristic of all Triumph cutters that help guarantee injury-free operation, including, automatic clamp return, cutting sticks and blade that can be changed from outside of machine, safety lock with key, and more.

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