Triumph 4860 ET Paper Cutter(Discontinued) (New Model Available)

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Ideal Triumph 4860 ET Cutter:new Triumph 4860 ET from MBM is an automatic guillotine-style cutter that is perfect for cutting digital prints. What separates Triumph 4860 ET from Triumph 4850 EP is front table IR light beam safety curtain. A vital aspect of SCS (Safety Cutting System), should any object (i.e. hands, clothing) obstruct this cutting light during operation, 4860 will immediately cease cutting. Another aspect of SCS is electronically-controlled transparent safety shield which covers rear table. Triumph 4860's main switch is conveniently located and features a safety lock and key. electronically-controlled, true two-hand operation guarantees that your hands will be nowhere near blade as it commences cutting. patented two-step blade activation bars ensure safe operation every time. Thanks to this two step process, blade and clamp can be activated independently with separate trigger points for blade and clamp respectively. Everything on Triumph 4860 ET is made simple thanks to advanced programming technology. One amazing advancement Triumph 4860 ET has to offer is new electronic touch pad control module. This user-friendly touch pad allows user to easily set electric back gauge. Up to 99 programs can be stored into memory, each of these tasks including up to 99 steps. As an added bonus, touch pad control is multilingual! Repeat cut and eject functions are also included. Almost anything is possible with 4860 ET. Electronic hand wheel with variable speed control for manual back gauge setting. There is nearly infinite variability in speed control and cuts anywhere between 35 mm and 475 mm can be made with ultimate precision. This precision is due to LED optical cutting line and spindle-guided back gauge. Triumph 4860 cutter even has a self-diagnostic system with an error display so user is always aware of machine's operational status. A convenient drop-in tool holder located on rear of machine keeps tools necessary for routine maintenance organized and in easy reach. This holder includes one of most vital tools: blade changing device with covered cutting edge. high quality, German Solingen steel blade is extremely durable. Triumph 4860 allows you to change blade from front of machine without hassle of removing covers. You can also adjust blade depth from outside of machine.

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