Triumph 4850 EP Paper Cutter (DISCONTINUED)

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The 4850 EP Triumph paper cutter is proven to be our most popular Triumph cutter. Similar to the 4850 D in both size and safety features, the 4850 EP also offers more convenient programming features. If you require frequent cutting jobs and need commonly used measurements to be stored into memory, then the 4850 EP is an excellent choice. The programmable back gauge control module includes a 10 button keypad, which allows you to simply add the measurements you want and let the cutter does the rest. The LED display stores up to an incredible 99 programs, up to 99 steps each. Up to 9 repeat cuts can be integrated into a program in one single step. The digital measurement readout displays in either centimeters or inches, guaranteeing accuracy of up to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch. The automatic clamp, guided on both sides, helps apply even pressure along the entire cutting width and assures the user that each cut will be accurate. This automatic clamp can be lowered or raised independently from cutting blade. Should a malfunction occur, the repeat cut and eject functions as well as the self-analytic error indication system help to remedy the problem. You can achieve exactly the cut you want with the help of the visual LED cutting line. The 4850 EP is capable of cutting through a hefty stack of paper, and a high cutting width. Remain safe and secure with MBM's standard Safety Cutting System (SCS). This comprehensive package features an electronically controlled, clear safety shield designed to protect the user from cutting malfunctions. The main switch and safety lock with a key are conveniently located in case of an emergency. The Triumph 4850 EP requires two hand operation and ensures that the user will be clear of the sharp cutting blade. The 4850 EP cutter's metal construction and quality Solingen steel cutting blade offer durability and power. This machine is likely to give you decades of hassle-free, accurate cutting. If you are looking for a quality paper cutter that can be used all day and produce quality results with minimal effort, then the Triumph 4850 EP is the perfect cutter for you.

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