Triumph 4810 EP Paper Cutter (Discontinued)

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Triumph 4810 EP Triumph Paper Cutter:MBM Ideal Triumph 4810 semi-automatic cutter is a step-up from 4810 D, almost identical in shape and size but more feature-rich. Storage capacity is high, and cutting is a breeze. programmable "EP" back gauge control module has a 10-button keypad, and LED display stores up to 99 programs and commonly used measurements. module even includes repeat cut and eject functions. Further enhancing efficiency, a maximum of 9 repeat cuts can be incorporated into a program in just one step, which significantly saves you time if you are making same cuts frequently. Should an error occur during operation, self-diagnostic system will indicate it, so problem can be fixed without trouble. side guides on both front and rear tables allow you to work on either side of machine, and cutting length behind blade is nearly 18 inches. For manual back gauge setting, there is an electronic hand wheel with variable speed control. Triumph 4810 EP paper cutter has capability to meet cutting needs of any busy office.;Convenient features; programmable back gauge with keypad and regularly used programs can be stored.;Self-diagnostic system identifies and signals to user if an error occurs.;LED optical cut line that allows exceptionally accuracy; exact location of cut is shown.;Great "SCS" safety package; features include 2-hand operation that keeps your hands far from cutting blade, 24 volt controls (low voltage), disc brake for immediate knife stop, blade changing device that covers cutting edge of blade, and more.

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