MBM Triumph 4315 Semi Automatic 16.8" Paper Cutter

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The Ideal Triumph 4315 semi-automatic paper cutter is an impressive machine that can execute impressive cutting with its powerful electric blade drive. The user-friendly LED optical cutting line displays where exactly you are cutting and allows you to make accurate cuts every single time. With the digital measurement display, precise positioning of the manual back gauge is achieved. The side guide equipped with a measuring scale also increases precision. The Triumph 4315 semi-automatic cutter is large enough to handle a wide range of paper sizes. This 4315 has a cutting width of nearly 17 inches and is capable of performing very narrow cuts. The strong, Solingen steel cutting blades cut through a favorable 1 1/2 inches of paper stock. Do you get tired of paper that does not stay in place when you are trying to cut it? Say goodbye to that hassle, as the 4315 cutter provides a lever-activated, fast-action clamp that holds your documents securely. It is near impossible for your paper to tear or become askew once tightly clamped. The durable metal structure guarantees this paper cutter will last for years. To keep you safe, the sharp cutting blade can be changed without removing the covers thanks to the steel blade carrier. The transparent safety shields located on the front and rear of this cutter also protect against harmful cutting. With valuable safety features and considerable cutting abilities, you can't go wrong with the Triumph 4315 paper cutter. ;Back gauge is adjustable, and digital display tells you the exact position of it; very handy when dealing with various paper sizes.;User-friendly optical line allows you to make accurate cuts every time.;Very safe; blade can immediately be stopped by employing the disc brake, safety lock prohibits unauthorized use, 24 volt controls (low voltage), and more "SCS" safety features...

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