MBM Triumph 4300 Manual Tabletop Paper Cutter

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With a cutting width of 16 7/8" and high-quality, German-steel blades that cut through " H stack of paper, consider the Triumph 4300 for your print shop or mail room. Offering 13 1/2" of a cutting length behind blade and 6 1/4" of table length in front of blade, the Triumph 4300 could be perfect for cutting all types of work, including flyers, brochures, bulletins, and more. For convenience, the side guide features a handy measuring scale, with measurements in both millimeters and inches. Like all Triumph cutters, the Triumph 4300 is renowned for precision, safety, and ease of use. The SCS "Safety Cutting System" features guarantee user safety when operating this cutter. The hinged, transparent safety shield on the front table features a locking device for the blade lever. This means that the blade will only come down if the safety guard is fully closed. A clear safety cover also exists on the rear table for an extra level of protection. The blade changing device covers the cutting edge of the blade, guaranteeing user safety during this process. The operator can easily change the blade from the front of this cutter, without removing any of the machine covers. The cutting stick can also be rotated or changed from outside of machine. The patented, lever-activated clamp provides an even supply of pressure on your paper stock. This pressure helps keep your papers from shifting or sliding when making a cut. For many offices or mail rooms, space is typically limited. A compact option for print shops, schools, and businesses, the Triumph 4300 offers dimensions of 22 1/2" D x 28" W x 18 1/2" H. Weighing in at a reasonable 80 lbs.

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