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Standard PF-P330 Air-fed Paper Folder: PF-P330 Paper Folder is a compact system packed with high tech features that make it a quiet and optimal resource for almost any location in which single sheet folding is required. Though it is equipped with numerous features and functions, PF-P330 paper folder excels in ease of use thanks to its innovative and proprietary rotary vacuum feed system. This not only eliminates most common jamming issues, but it also makes machine operate almost silently, and function without need to adjust feed to different feed stocks. pump is small and quiet and does not make machine an oversized unit. Instead, it is considered a desktop machine, but one that can handle up to 240 folds per minute. PF-P330 Paper Folder handles paper sizes from 5" x 5" to 12" x 17", and at weights of 14 pound bond to 60 pound cover stock. tray can hold up to 550 sheets or 2.2" of paper, and it will perform a range of different folds that include standard half fold, letter folds, double parallel folds, Z folds, gate folds, and engineering folds. There are also ten programmable folds that allow you to lock in your most common, custom jobs. There are many other features on PF-P330 Paper Folder, and these include adjustable speed controls, delay feed mode, a jam detection function, a single test page, a digital counter and easy access maintenance. When rollers require cleaning or repair, a single access panel allows user to easily remove or replace pieces. Essentially, PF-P330 paper folder is one of simplest folding machines for those who need to tackle large numbers of single sheet documents. It is, however, innovative in that it uses suction feed unit that prevents jamming and does not leave marks on sheets. suction unit is quiet enough to use in even a small office setting, and yet many print shops and copy centers can benefit from speed and adjustability of this model. It is a solid solution for those folding many types of paper, and it cuts down on amount of labor involved in setting up and monitoring progress of even complex folding jobs. ;Powerful air feed system in a small, tabletop folder.;Unique design provides mark-free finished products.;Rotary vacuum system eliminates requirement to adjust for different stock.

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