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Standard PF-P3100 Letter Folder Machine: Standard PF-P3100 Paper Folder is designed to provide copy centers, mail rooms, printing establishments, and even large offices or data processing areas with flexibility and performance required. PF-P3100 folder features an LED assisted manual setup that ensures best results possible. user simply selects from range of preset page sizes - from 5.5" x 8.5" to 11" x 17". LED then illuminates appropriate fold alignment positions. This guides user in precisely where to align page and obtain best results. This machine is capable of handling up to 240 sheets per minute via a friction feed system, which operates on three different speeds: quiet, medium, and high. feed tray can hold up to 300 sheets of paper, and settings allow user to choose type of fold desired. These range from standard half fold to more unique styles such as gate folds, letter folds, double parallel folds, engineering folds, and Z folds. There is also an option for custom fold inputs too. Standard PF-P3100 paper folder allows for flexibility in paper weights as well, and options can range from standard 16 lb bond paper to 60 lb cover weights too. heavier stocks can eliminate option for certain folds, however. To reduce waste, this machine also has a test sheet feature that allows a single fold to be performed to ensure that results are as desired. easy to use control panel on PF-P3100 paper folder is matched by easy maintenance too. separate pad and rollers can all be removed and replaced without need for additional tools. settings are all pushed in with single touch buttons and there is an array of different adjustment knobs that can help to fine tune most complex jobs, including paper weights. This machine is equipped with an exit roller, exit guides, audible error alerts, and even a power saver feature. Sized to fit nicely on a desktop or work station, PF-P3100 is capable of operating quietly enough to be integrated into an office setting. This machine can perform at peak levels, allows for custom jobs, and is an easy to use machine for professional single sheet folding.

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