Standard M2 Tabletop Bookletmaker (Discontinued)

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M2 Tabletop Bookletmaker:If you are looking for professionally crafted booklets but cannot handle cost of standard professional machines, or are untrained in specifics of booklet making, Standard M2 Tabletop Bookletmaker is an ideal solution. Loaded with easy to use features and functions, it will produce impressive results no matter how simple or complex document. As an easy to use machine, M2 Tabletop Bookletmaker does truly fit on a table top and measures a very manageable 11.5" x 19.3" x 16", similar to a standard printer or photo copier. Weighing roughly 86 lbs., M2 Bookletmaker may not be an ideal portable solution, but that does not mean it is not flexible. M2 Tabletop Bookletmaker requires manual feeding of booklet blocks, and handles can take paper sizes from 6" x 8.5" to tabloid sheets of 11" x 17". This means that very small booklets are possible, but also that full-sized magazine or newsletter publications are an option too. It will process up to 800 booklets in a single hour and can accept up to 15 sheets of 20 lb. paper stock at one time. This machine can also allow for diversity in terms of how booklets are finished. If you are producing catalogs, newsletters, or other similar items, you can opt for standard staples. However, there are also loop staples for those who make manuals that need to be mounted in three-ring binders too. machine keeps maintenance low by holding up to 210 staples at one time and there is a special adhesive process that also prevents staples from jamming and causing delays.To make a booklet with M2 Tabletop Bookletmaker is amazingly simple: simply place finished document (with its cover) into feeder and press start key. machine creates booklet you designed by using settings selected. user-friendly control panel asks you to just push buttons to make your selections, including options for how you want stapling and folding done. Turning your documents into bound booklets can give them a remarkably professional look, and many schools, offices, small printing and copying establishments, religious organizations, and other settings can truly benefit from high quality booklet making equipment. M2 Tabletop Bookletmaker is an ideal choice for those who seek on-demand booklet making.

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