Standard DocuFold Paper Folder (Discontinued)

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Standard DocuFold Paper folder:Standard air-fed DocuFold is a heavy-duty paper folder, exuding power and ability. Its computerized controls make it one of easiest suction feed letter folders to set up. Length guide is set in position, so 6 preset folds are automatically arranged. This paper folder can produce letter, half, z-fold, engineering (short z-fold), double parallel and gate folds. There are also programmable custom folds. This paper folder has capability to score and perforate. variable speed paper folder runs at a rate of 12,000 to 17,000 sheets an hour. Folding is simple; fold plates can be adjusted manually or automatically, and delivery-stacking roller automatically moves to place. Due to top loading, no paper fanning or special handling is needed. exit conveyor belt composes a neat stack of folded paper. Standard DocuFold paper folder folds plain, glossy and static charged paper. It is highly tolerant and effective and guarantees satisfying results.;Versatile folder; can slit, score and perforate.;Operation is simple; machine does most of work.;Does not leave marks on glossy and coated stock.

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