Standard APC-M61IISB Paper Cutter (DISCONTINUED)

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Standard APC-M61IISB Hydraulic Paper Cutter:Standard Horizon APC-M61IISB programmable hydraulic paper cutting machine brings a new level of efficiency to any work environment it is used in. touch screen display is large and extremely simple to use, and controls are in convenient positions. This automatic cutter has incredible cutting capacity. Capable of slicing cleanly through a nearly 4 inch stack of paper, with a cutting width of 24 inches, it accommodates a wide range of paper, including large stock. polished, chrome-plated work table provides friction-free, even surface for lift movement. Clamp pressure is adjustable, and false clamp prevents your sheets from getting marked. Before you actually cut, you can check exactly where cut line will be by engaging clamp via foot pedal, which is located at bottom left corner of machine. Memory capacity is great, a maximum of 99 jobs able to be stored. Standard Horizon APC-M61IISB hydraulic electric cutter promises efficiency and long-term reliability, and it does not let you down. ;False clamp for even more accuracy; hydraulic clamp prevents marking on sheets.;Center-driven back gauge is dust-proof and ensures highest levels of performance and durability.

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