Standard APC-610 Hydraulic Cutter

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Don't let the size of the Standard APC-610 Hydraulic Cutter fool you. While the APC-610 is a formidable cutter it is remarkably simple and safe to use. It is controlled using a large 5", user-friendly, icon based touchscreen for fast and easy setup and operation. Built for large print jobs, the APC-610 features a maximum cutting width of 24" with a maximum height of nearly 4". The backgauge is servo motor driven for precise, accurate positioning, the knife angle and cutting depth can be easily adjusted using a lever located on the front of the machine. A smooth, polished chrome work table ensures a friction free work surface that will not mark the paper. The APC-610 can only be operated when the two cut buttons are pressed simultaneously. Cutting motion will immediately cease if the standard area sensors detect any object to ensure total user safety.

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