Standard 3050 S Strip Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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Standard 3050 S:Standard 3050 S shredder is an office shredder and is constructed to have a greater sheet capacity and speed than a normal personal shredder. Larger than its deskside counterpart, 3050 S stands 30.5'' tall, is about 16.25'' wide, has a depth of 15.25,'' and weighs around 100 lbs. casters on bottom guarantee that despite its weight 3050 S is still easy to move around office if necessary.This machine also has a 10'' feed width in order to handle larger sheets of paper as well as make shredder more economical. 16 gallon waste bin capacity also promises to extend time between trash runs and reduce hassle of constantly replacing bag.While this strip cut model (Security Level 2) offers slightly less security than cross-cut, it is more than sufficient for a company or business with lots of excess documents and office correspondence. With a 12 sheet paper capacity, 3050 S will shred a stack of papers more quickly and efficiently than 3050 X Cross Cut. 3050 S also has an automatic shut off feature which activates when waste bin capacity is reached or shredder is jammed. This feature is a convenient reminder to take out bag as well as protects overall integrity of machine when it becomes jammed, so it will last longer and not break down.

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