Single Shaft Shredder by Whitaker Brothers TRM24x24

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CMG's TRM24x24 Single Shaft Shredder is a useful piece of equipment for the destruction of a multitude of materials. It boasts the title of being "the only shredder that cuts like a granulator" yet its low-speed (82 rpm), high-torque cutting process is much more energy efficient. The cutting tolerance between the 15 (23 optional) rotor knives and the bed knives is just .007" whereas the closest competition has .030" and higher tolerances. The closer the cutting tolerance, the better the performance as this design not only results in lower energy consumption but higher application versatility. The .007" cutting tolerance allows the same 23-1/2" long rotor to be used to destroy anything from thick items such as solid purgings, wooden pallets, and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) to thin items like film, fiber, and wire. The CMG TRM24x24's ability to shred TPR is a highly distinctive feature - this substance is impossible for a chainsaw to cut through and usually requires a 100+ HP granulator, but the rotor alignment and close cutting tolerance of the TRM24x24 processes this material with only 25 HP! This is the lowest motor power model out of the three Single Shaft Shredder models which means it uses the least amount of energy and requires the lowest operating cost. Another feature of the TRM24x24 Single Shaft Shredder is its accessibility. There is a door allowing complete access to the trough and cutters and a swing-down cradle for access to all other major components. The rear panel of the hopper can be adjusted to allow long or cumbersome objects to be fed through - a feature unique to the CMG Single Shaft Shredder. This shredder provides optimum performance due to its well-crafted interior and exterior elements. The TRM24x24 Single Shaft Shredder by CMG is the best multi-material shredder because of its unique design that provides high cutting performance while running with low energy consumption.

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