Whitaker Brothers 12 Pint Case of Shredder Oil

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The design of these 1-pint bottles allows the user to accurately oil the shredder head without wasting any oil or making a mess. If you don't have a cross cut or high security shredder with an automatic oiler, it is imperative that you oil it yourself with these easy-to-use bottles. Paper buildup which can lead to jams is extremely common in cross cut models because the small bits of paper can get stuck in the shredder head. Oiling your shredder will remove this buildup, extending the life of the shredder and preventing the annoyance of paper jams. It is recommended that cross cut shredders are oiled every 30 minutes of use, and high security shredders should be oiled every 15 minutes of use. Saturating an already-present paper jam with shredder oil can also help remove it. Our oil formula is high-cling, high viscosity, light weight, and specially formulated for business/commercial paper shredders. This is petroleum-based shredder oil, which is of significantly higher quality than water-based oil. Using the cheaper water-based product will not help your commercial shredder. This is due to the heat produced by a commercial grade shredder during operation. This heat will turn low quality oil into a waxy buildup, which can damage your shredder. This is why it's important to invest in quality when purchasing shredder oil. Oiling Instructions: ;Put the shredder into reverse mode;Squeeze the oil from the bottle directly into the feed opening, saturating the cutting heads;Continue running the shredder in reverse for another 10 seconds..

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