Whitaker Brothers 4-Gallon Case of Shredder Oil

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A case of 4 one-gallon jugs of universal shredder oil. These large containers are designed for refilling automatic oilers. If your shredder does not use an automatic oiler, that doesn't mean you shouldn't oil it! For easy manual oiling of your shredder, we offer pint bottles (SLO55 and SLO55-6) with handy applicator caps. Shredder oil is important for shredders, especially cross cut models, because it clears build-up and prevents paper jams, which extends the life of the shredder. It can also be used to handle especially bad paper jams. Whitaker Brothers oil is high-cling, high viscosity, light weight, and specially formulated for business/commercial paper shredders. This is high-quality, petroleum-based shredder oil. If you resort to using the inexpensive water-based shredder oil, it will be of no benefit to your commercial grade shredder. This is because the heat generated by a commercial grade shredder causes low quality oil to turn into a waxy buildup. This buildup will cause problems in your shredder that could have been avoided if you had used a high quality oil.

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