Whitaker Brothers 6-Pint Case of Shredder Oil

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A case of 6 x 1 pint bottles of universal shredder oil. These bottles have a special applicator cap along with a side window and easy to read measurements that allow the user to accurately apply oil into the throat of the shredder without waste. Shredder oil preserves the preformance of your paper shredder by clearing buildup, and extends the life expectancy. It's also useful to free up especially thick paper jams. Our oil formula is high-cling, high viscosity, light weight, and specially formulated for business/commercial paper shredders. This is high quality commercial grade petroleum-based shredder oil. Use of inexpensive, water based shredder oil will provide virtually no benefit to a real commercial grade shredder. The heat generated by a commercial grade shredder causes low quality oil to turn into a waxy buildup that causes problems. Protect your investment - use Whitaker Brothers' shredder oil. To oil the shredder, put it in reverse, and shoot a stream of oil into the throat such that the cutting heads are saturated. Continue running in reverse for 10 more seconds. Manufacturers recommend that cross cut shredders be oiled every 30 minutes of use, and high security shredders be oiled every 15 minutes of use.

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