Shooter-IIB In Line Counter and Tabber by U.S. Paper Counters (DISCONTINUED)

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U.S. Paper Counters Shooter-IIB Counter/Tabber:Shooter-IIB allows you to count and batch tab directly on your press, sheeter, folder, or other equipment. This machine can work free standing or mounted onto your equipment. Positioned at delivery end of your machine, Shooter II B can insert paper tabs into receding delivery pile at a rate of up to 3 tabs per second. Connecting Shooter IIB to your machine is easy - a micro switch, universal electronic coupling pick-up, or U.S. Paper Counters' laser sensor will all work well. It comes with either micro switch or electronic coupling pick-up, but laser sensor requires no connection to your equipment and is an available option. laser sensor is a good idea if you plan on using Shooter-IIB with multiple pieces of equipment. You could also get an additional electronic coupling pick-up or micro switch for each new machine you'll use with Shooter IIB. This in-line counter and tab inserter will count at a rate equal to machine you've connected it to and is guaranteed accurate.

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