Royal MC14MX Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 3/P-4

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When a business, organization, home, or other setting demands total reduction of documents and other materials, it can be challenging to find a reasonable solution. After all, handling credit cards, film, and ID badges is not as simple as tackling small stacks of regular paper, but Royal MC14MX CC is a micro cut shredder that really can handle it all. This unit relies on a 1HP motor and durable cutters to reduce everything from CDs and DVDs to out of date credit cards and up to 14 sheets of paper at one pass. It uses separate feed slots for plastics and films, but all of processing areas are equipped with photo sensors that allow for automatic functions to be enabled at all times. This not only guarantees that machine remains active when needed, but that it also cuts down on handling time by supporting a steady stream of varied materials. MC14MX CC also features an automatic stop feature whenever jamming is encountered, and easy to read display on face of unit makes it simple to clear jams and proceed with work. processed materials are sent into massive nine gallon bin that is made easy to clean thanks to its pull out design. Though MC14MX CC is a reasonably sized machine, which might serve nicely alongside a copy machine or printer, it is also equipped with casters to make it as flexible as possible. You can easily wheel it from department to department or room to room to ensure that all materials are reduced in a timely way and without investing in dozens of machines to tackle work. MC14MX CC has a seven year warranty on its cutters, and both slots are sized and designed for optimal safety. Whether you are processing stapled documents or microfiche, it will stop if jammed and prevent any harm from coming to machine or user's fingers should they try to reach materials and remove jammed items. If you are looking for a very durable and effective shredder for your business or office, this machine will deliver many years of reliable service. It is designed to eliminate or reduce risks of damage or harm to system, and yet it can still process tremendous quantities of materials on a day to day basis without downtime or delays. MC14MX is a powerful little machine, able to sit neatly and discretely in your home or office but still destroy paper, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and staples at a quick pace. Up to 14 sheets of paper per pass can be shred into tiny 2 mm x 9 mm bits. Royal MC14MX has an auto start/stop function so you can start shredding quickly and easily whenever paper or other materials are inserted into feed opening.

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