Royal HG120 Cross Cut Paper Shredder (Discontinued)

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Use of shredders is most often done for security or privacy purposes. This means that small and effective shredders are required in almost any office, organizational, or home setting. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to find reasonable solutions that offer professional grade processing in a smaller size. Royal HG120 is a powerful cross cut shredder that can deliver professional results in any location. This is because HG120 CC uses a 7/8 HP motor and strong cutters to handle up to 12 pages at one time. It also tackles some of those other problematic materials such as credit cards and CDs or DVDs with high amounts of data. It is sized to be an ideal desk side shredder, and this means it works well in a household setting, but it also means that each desk or small office in a business or organization will be able to use effective and rapid shredding without lugging materials to another area.HG120 CC can be a portable solution as well thanks to casters that allow it to be easily wheeled from place to place. It has an easy to remove bin that catches up to 4.25 gallons of debris. These materials are delivered via a single slot, and this is equipped with a photo sensor that uses automatic starting and stopping features to maximize speed of your work. It also prevents damage to machine by using an automatic stop when feeder is jammed. simple controls allow you to reverse flow of work as well should too many sheets slow down engine or create to strong of a challenge. In addition to destroying paper, Royal HG120 can handle staples and paper clips as well. Royal offers an incredible three year warranty on cutters, and this shows quality of unit in general.If you are looking for a high quality, reliable, and efficient shredder, HG120 CC is an ideal solution. As a home shredder it will keep you secure, and in work place it can easily handle many challenges. With ability to reduce credit cards or ID tags with same efficiency as smaller stacks of paper or documents, this makes it a go to solution for those with multiple streams of materials and need for complete and effective reduction.

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