Royal CX100X Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 3/P-4

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Royal CX100X CC is small, compact, and capable of some impressive results, even in smallest offices or work spaces. Unlike some smaller shredders, 100X can handle up to ten pages at one pass or action. It is not going to quit or jam when it meets staples, however, because it has capacity for handling those too. It is also a reliable resource for destroying credit cards or merchant cards that are out of date and need to be completely eradicated. In fact, list of materials that this machine can handle includes ID cards, access cards, paper clips, film or microfiche stocks, paper, and credit cards. It is rated at Level 3 security as well, making it a viable solution for almost any setting. small foot print on CX100X CC (14x 9.5x 15.75) conceals a lot of force and it will reduce all materials to shredded sizes of roughly 5/32x1 5/8. It weighs in at only 13 pounds total, and that makes it a nicely portable shredding solution too.feeder on 100X is 9 inches wide, and it will handle a lot of work in a short period of time. Any desk side shredder is meant to deliver ongoing service without a lot of jamming and problems. This shredder is powerful enough to handle some of your toughest materials, and to collect them inside 15" high canister. This is easy to empty and you won't have to sort through materials to be sure that you have reduced everything sufficiently and safely. Though output of this machine varies according to weight and size of materials shredded, it can be relied upon to deliver consistent results. It is a small and effective solution for a major office or work place problem. Royal 100X can fit alongside a desk or easily next to a copy machine or printer. It will handle standard shredding demands, but also offers some impressive alternative capabilities too.

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