Proton SSD Module For PDS-100 and PDS-75

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The Proton PDS - SSD Module is made for use with the Proton PDS-75 and PDS-100 Hard Drive Crushers. This simple to use module can be easily installed at any time, just remove the debris tray from your unit and insert the SSD module, no tools required. After installing the module, pull out the insert drawer and place your media inside, close the drawer and operate the unit normally. The module operates with or without electricity. The blade will come down into the insert thru the slot on the top and press down on the plate. The plate will push 95 large spikes into the media. Once the process is complete, just open the drawer and removed the damaged media, the drawer can be removed so the user does not have to handle the damaged media. Accepts media sizes up to .5"H x 3"W x 6"D.

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