Proton PDS-75 Manual Hard Drive Crusher

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Proton Data Security PDS-75 Hard Drive Crusher : Proton PDS-75 is a hard drive crusher that is made to securely destroy your hard drives. Since it is manually operated, it's perfect solution for places that don't have access to reliable electric power. Operation of this hard drive crusher is very simple. Open drawer and insert your hard drive into slot. Once door is shut, crank handle to crush hard drive all way to a ninety degree angle which breaks platters, damaging head, motor, and circuit board rendering drive useless. Pair this crusher with a Proton degausser for best data destruction solution. With a typical cycle time of less than 8 seconds (dependent on user) PDS-75 provides one of fastest ways to destroy a hard drive. Manual destruction means that it provides you with an energy saving solution that pairs perfectly for work sites where a power may not be available. Measuring in at 9.25" D x 7.25" W x 16.5" H, and weighting 49 lb., it's compact enough to fit in even smallest workspaces without taking up much room. Without any special customization add on's, PDS-75 is equipped to destroy all 3.5" form factor drives including .65", 1", and 1.5" high drives. only maintenance required on PDS-75 is occasional vacuuming of debris drawer and internal housing. PDS-75 also has many customization features available. Separate supports are available that will destroy laptop drives as small as 2.5". Changing supports is easy and only takes about 10 seconds, and comes with a holder that allows user to hold supports when they are not in use. Also available is a rear output slide. Typically, after hard drive is crushed, it is removed from front of machine. With this additional option. you have ability to eject hard drive out of back of unit, and land in a disposal container. If your table space is limited, consider adding rackmountable slide out shelf, for mounting in standard EIA racks. It allows user to stow away machine when not in use, and pull it out when needed. If your PDS 75 requires a lot of moving around, consider deployment case. It is a Pelican brand case designed specifically for PDS-75, allowing you to transport it with ease.

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