Proton PDS-100 Automatic Hard Drive Crusher

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Proton PDS-100 Automatic Hard Drive Crusher: NSA/CSS evaluated PDS-100 Automatic Hard Drive Crusher takes everything you love about PDS-75 and adds a few upgraded features. main difference between two models is automatic motor driven operation. However, even if power goes out, or no power source is available you can still use PDS-100 thanks to built in crank handle, making it ideal for emergency situations. Cycle time of PDS-100 depends on unit. Typically, 60 Hz units take 10 seconds or less, 50 Hz units take 12 seconds or less (dependent on operator), and hand crank takes 8 seconds or less (dependent on operator). This crusher is tested and used by NSA and DoD for destroying 1", .65", ; 1.65" laptop hard drives. This crusher measures in at 11.625" D x 7.25" W, 21" H and weighs 63 lbs., it's perfect size for any workplace. This machine is virtually maintenance free. It requires no external components or messy fluids such as oil. These features make it easily transportable and deployable. Customization is easy with many features and options available for PDS-100. Laptop drive supports allow destroyer to process 2.5" form factor laptop drives with ease. Swapping out supports is easy and quick, and comes with a magnetic holder that will store supports on back of machine while not in use. Also available is a rear output slide. This allows for drives to be disposed of out of back of unit, instead of front. This can enable hard drives to fall into a disposal container. If you find yourself pressed for table space, you can look into rackmountable slide out shelf. With this kit, you will be able to conveniently store away your destroyer when not in use, and pull it out when needed. It works great if you would prefer to have machine mounted on a cart, or floor or wall of a truck or other vehicle. If you need to transport your drive crusher, consider ordering Pelican Deployment Case. This case uses a custom cushion insert to hold crusher in place, and protect it during transportation.

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