Proton 8000 Degausser (Discontinued)

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Proton 8000 Hard Drive and Magnetic Media Degausser:This tabletop degausser is compact and quiet, yet still powerful enough to completely erase data from hard drives (3 1/3" and 5 1/4") and a variety of magnetic media. Reels of tape from 1/4" to 2" thick and up to 16" diamater can be degaussed easily using handy foot-control mechanism, keeping process remarkably hands-free. Other magentic media that Proton 8000 will degauss include VHS tapes, compact cassettes, and any Type I, II or III computer media. Although compact, Proton 8000 degausser has a large work surface to allow you to degauss various sized magnetic media. What's especially helpful is status indicator, which will confirm operation and provide visual confirmation of degaussing levels.

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