Proton 2070 Degausser Eraser (Discontinued)

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Proton 2070 Degausser Eraser:In today's world, it's not just high-level government agencies that require secure data destruction. Banks, health care providers, credit card companies and many private companies not only need but are required to protect their confidential data. It goes without saying no company can afford to have their or their customer's private information fall into wrong hands. Gone are days where files can be simply deleted or electronic media can just be physically destroyed. Thanks to today's advanced technology, data can still be retrieved after using these methods of destruction. Proton 2070 Degausser Eraser offers a practical, secure solution to this problem. 2070 needs no power to operate. Instead, it uses a fixed high energy magnetic field that completely erases all data from magnetic media. Its unique design completely shields magnetic field so that 2070 will not unintentionally erase nearby media. Operation couldn't be simpler, just pass media through 2070 for complete and total erasure. Proton 2070 Degausser Eraser weighs only 22 lbs and measures a compact 8" L x 3"1/2H x 9"1/2W, its small size means it can be safely used just about anywhere in office.

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