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Platt Cart 15 Cart :Struggling with heavy equipment or bulky boxes is a thing of past when you invest in Platt CART15 Cart. This impressively designed cart folds up, even fitting in any airline overhead bin or tuck easily into trunk of a car, and yet it will handle up to 125 pounds without any difficulties.With extremely handy dimensions (folded it measures 25 1/4" x 15 1/4" 2"), this lightweight cart also uses an adjustable handle to help a wide range of owners to enjoy its many benefits. adjustable handle will shift from 35.5" to 39" accordingly, and folds flat quickly and easily for transport and storage.It comes with an attached bungee cord to help manage difficult loads, and it relies on a very comfortable and contoured handle that is rubberized for optimal grip. Simply strap bungees around load to keep it securely in place during transportation. rubber wheels ensure that this cart moves fluidly no matter surface or load, and steering this cart is a breeze.Platt CART15 CART is a truly useful resource for frequent traveler or for those who must transport cases on a regular basis. Whether you are someone who needs to ensure that many heavy cases can get easily to their destination or a traveler who is tired of struggling with a few suitcases and bags, this easy to use cart is a good solution. It folds flat in seconds, stores in almost any available space, and weighs less than ten pounds. Why struggle with multiple trips or straining your back? This cart is crafted from durable materials and yet is lightweight and easy to use. We've personally used this cart while transporting equipment, and we're sure that you will find a good use for it as well.

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