Platt 221609A Heavy-Duty ATA Case

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Platt 221609A Heavy-Duty ATA Case:Designed to accommodate a variety of needs, large Platt 221609A Heavy-Duty ATA Case is both durable and flexible. exterior of this case is crafted from a very tough HMW polyethylene, which is impact resistant and sure to provide ample protection to contents. aluminum rim and gasket are also designed to offer heavy duty performance, and even dependable combination lock is strong and TSA approved. This means that any TSA agent can use a master key to open this lock if necessary. exterior also features a sturdy piano hinge that is full length. Weighing in at a very manageable 15 lbs., spring loaded handle makes it easier than ever to tote around your belongings, tools, or other items. There is also a useful cardholder on exterior, which allows for personalization and easy identification. With its large interior space (21 1/2" x 15 1/2" x 9"), owner can fit various sized materials into this portable container. Inside of this rugged case you will find popular "pick-n-pluck" cubed foam that allows for a completely customized experience. lid is lined with standard egg crate foam that provides optimal cushioning, but it is this completely adjustable foam cube in bed of case that allows it to be an optimal solution for such a diversity of needs.Crafted from heavy duty materials, featuring design elements that guarantee most reliable results, and offering sleek good looks, Platt 221609A Heavy-Duty ATA Case with Recessed Hardware is easily a good choice for many different needs. With its ample storage space and ease-of-transportation, this Platt 221609A case will provide years of protection and service.

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