Platt 201409A Heavy-Duty ATA Case

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Platt 201409A Heavy-Duty ATA Case:Made in USA, Platt 201409A Heavy-Duty ATA Case with Recessed Hardware is a dependable case made for a wide range of uses. exterior is crafted from strong, heavy duty HMW polyethylene and is reinforced with an aluminum rim and gasket. It has a full length piano hinge and a spring loaded handle. But one of most important features is Travel Sentry Approved Lock. This TSA approved lock is equipped with a special code which allows airport security to open case, inspect contents and then relock case without damaging lock. Not only does it provide extra security but it saves valuable time when traveling through crowded airports. interior comes outfitted with popular "Pick-n-Pluck" foam. These removable foam cubes allow owner to create a completely custom fit for any type of equipment. There is also a foam cushion on bottom and in lid for complete protection. Platt 201409A Heavy-Duty ATA Case with Recessed Hardware provides security, durability and long lasting quality that Platt cases are known for.

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