Platt 1414 Light Duty ABS Case

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Platt 1414 Light Duty ABS Case:With its compact size (exterior measures 14" x 12" x 5"), Platt 1414 Light-Duty ABS Case is a good solution for transport and for storage. It is molded from light duty but durable ABS thermoplastic. This material makes case resistant to scratches and scuffs, and also a good protector for items deemed a bit on fragile side. This case is even more protective thanks to innovative "pick-n-pluck" foam cube lining. This allows owner to adjust size and dimensions of padded lining according to their specific needs. By removing some of precut cubes of foam, owner can create padding that works with contours of items to be stored inside. When padded lid is secured over contents, this holds them firmly in place and ensures best has a durable shell that is further enhanced with an aluminum rim and a keyed lock for security. At less than four pounds in total weight, this is a good solution for a diversity of needs and purposes. interior space of 12" x 11" x 5" is appropriate for many demands, and foam padding ensures security and protection. When you are in need of an easily portable case that offers high quality features and functions, Platt 1414 Light-Duty ABS Case will prove a solid choice. It is durable and yet not heavy, it looks sleek and will not succumb to scratches and scuffs even after years of work. It is designed with comfort and convenience in mind and has a strong molded handle positioned for balance and ease of use. This case is an all-around good solution for a long list of purposes and is sure to please.

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