Phiston Mediavise V-Spike Rackmount Mobile SSD Destroyer

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The Phiston V-Spike Rackmount Mobile SSD Destroyer is a game changer when it comes to accuracy and portability in data destruction. This item uses Phiston's most powerful V-Spike technology to deliver a powerful electrical jolt to the solid state drive to disable electronic components including memory chips and controllers. After that, the 187 interlocking teeth crush the solid state drive with 20 tons of force, making data irrecoverable. All of this power is packed in a mobile package. Combined with the option to add a laptop and SSD erasers make this product truly essential to large scale data destruction processes. The V-Spike Rackmount Mobile SSD Destroyer can effectively destroy up to two smaller SSD devices, cell phones, circuit boards, and memory chips within 30 seconds. It's even strong enough to destroy hard drives. The Rackmount Mobile HDD destroyer is the recommended portable hard drive destruction device in this Phiston line. However, the SSD destroyer has the capability to take hard drives in emergency situations. Aside from HEPA filtration systems that save users from breathing harmful destruction debris, Phiston also made this an easy, hands-off operation.

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