Phiston MediaVise SSD V-Spike w/ Chute

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Phiston's patented technology brings together twice the destructive capabilities of their popular MediaVise by combining a crushing force of 40,000 pounds with a powerful electric jolt to completely disable and destroy solid state drives. The new Mediavise SSD V-Spike with Chute throuoghly destroys solid state drives by crushing them between two hardened steel plates that feature 187 interlocking teeth then it sends a strong electrical jolt to completely disable all electrical components. After the process is complete, the destroyed drives are then deposited directly into an appropriate waste receptable thanks to the convenient chute attachment making disposal safe, quick and easy. The Phiston MediaVise V-Spike w/ Chute is designed and manufactured in the USA with quality and safety in mind. This fully automatic unit features lock-out doors that prevent the machine from engaging unless the doors are completely closed so hands, hair or clothing are not accidentally caught in the machine. With no blades to sharpen or replace, the MedaiVise SSD V-Spike w/ Chute is as easy to maintain as it is to use. This powerful machine is also small enough to fit on most any desktop for convenience and easy access.

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