Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Mobile SSD Destroyer

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Description of the Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Mobile SSD Destroyer

Phiston's revolutionary rackmount collection is a game changer for data destruction. The Rackmount Mobile SSD Destroyer is particularly important because it gives the user complete portability with their solid state drive destruction operation. Optional laptop and SSD erasers can be added to the mobile version to make your SSD destruction operation an all in one process. Like the original Rackmount SSD Destroyer, the Rackmount Mobile SSD Destroyer can effectively destroy up to two smaller SSD devices, cell phones, circuit boards, and memory chips within 30 seconds. It's even strong enough to destroy hard drives. The Rackmount Mobile HDD destroyer is the recommended portable hard drive destruction device in this Phiston line. However, the SSD destroyer has the capability to take hard drives in emergency situations.

In 30 seconds, the crusher uses arrays of 187 interlocking teeth to enforce 20 tons (40,000 lbs) of crushing power onto the hard drive. This massive amount of pressure punctures and warps the hard drive, making the data unrecoverable. The destroyed SSD then is taken to the debris chamber, which can hold up to 75 destroyed SSDs. Phiston is careful about the debris during the entire process. They feature a HEPA filtration system that catches and filters harmful debris from being released into their air.

Though this product is particularly powerful, they have serious safety in mind as well. This is a fully automated operation. All that is required is that you 1) insert the device and 2) press crush. The noise suppression elements make this machine certified by OSHA as safe for the workplace. The HEPA filtration system and the debris collection bin prevent harmful toxins from exiting the machine. Plus the automatic shut off feature when the item is not in use allows for electrical conservation. All in all, this is a great machine to make your large scale solid state destruction operation mobile!!!

Built-in Worker and Environmental Health and Safety features:

  • Fully automated, hands-off operation for user safety
  • Debris accumulates in collection bin until safely disposed of
  • HEPA Filtration system traps any potentially harmful airborne particulates from the crushing and shattering of circuit boards, electronic components, and silicon-based memory and integrated circuit chips.
  • RFI and EMI Suppression to minimize interference with other electronic equipment in the vicinity
  • Noise suppression to 65db which is much quieter than the 85db threshold acceptable to OSHA for workplace
  • Machine automatically powers off to conserve energy
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