Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Mobile HDD Destroyer

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Phiston MediaVise Rackmount Mobile HDD Destroyer: MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer is in a league of its own. This unit is first commercially-available HDD media sanitizer that's rack mountable and safe for workplace, data center and server room for mechanical destruction of computer HDDs and other media. For Phiston, safety and ease of use were paramount features to this device. Their new HEPA Air Filtration system eliminates hazardous hard drive debris. Filtering this debris prevents users from potentially inhaling shards of airborne silica, heavy metals and fiberglass put off by some solid state devices. new HEPA Air Filtration system is installed on MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer to protect operators and environment from perilous dust. With simple steps and hands off operation, users and companies are protected with this device. process begins with users inserting hard drive through top slide door. Without shutting slide door, this machine will not run to protect from unwanted accidents. After sliding door is closed, machine crushes and ejects hard drive into debris drawer within 30 seconds of pressing Start. only way to access destroyed media is to enter secure passcode located on front of device. Essentially, this machine will destroy your hard drives safely, efficiently and even securely. rack-mountability feature of this device makes this a great fit for commercial companies. Keeping a data destruction machine in-house not only saves time, but improves security. rackmounted version is clean and space-saving; keeping this valuable machine in a compact space. This can be adaptable to mobile racks. These rack are most recommended for complete mobile erasure/overwrite. If you enjoyed NSA listed Phiston MediaVise Compact HDD (MVC-HDD) , then MediaVise Rackmont HDD Destroyer is a great product for you. These products both use same proprietary 20 ton (40,000 lbs.) force crushing platforms to annihilate hard drives with ease. This same force that allows MediaVise Compact HDD to crush hard drives up to NSA standards without degaussing or overwriting (though recommended), has inspired Phiston to submit MediaVise Rackmount HDD Destroyer for NSA evaluation as of January 2015. Available at end of March 2015, this unit is only a short while away from drastically improving your commercial business. With their ever-present commitment to innovative technology, Phiston has made this MediaVise unit legendary with addition of a space-saving rack mount and expanded safety features. Call us today for more information on this exciting data destruction machine!

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