Phiston MediaVise Hard Drive Destroyer

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The MediaVise Hard Drive Destroyer decimates hard drive data by completely warping the entire surface area. Limited destruction, such as one-step folding or punching with low crushing force, leaves untouched surface areas intact that forensic methods can recover data from. There is no other hard drive destroyer currently on the market that delivers a force greater than 18,000 lbs., except for the MediaVise. Its crushing plates bring 40,000 lbs. of force to completely mangle a hard drive, rendering data unrecoverable. The MediaVise HDD does not require any adapter, special alignment of hard drives, or manual removal of debris. The collection drawer holds the debris of 7-10 hard drives before needing disposal, and users never have to interact with sharp edges. After feeding the MediaVise a hard drive, mangled debris will simply fall into the collection bin in less than a minute. Its convenient, manageable size make it ideal for desktop use. The MediaVise HDD is currently pending NSA review and approval.

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