RecyclemakeR Bottle Crusher SA by Whitaker Brothers

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RecyclemakeR Bottle Crusher SA by Whitaker Brothers:RecyclemakeR SA from Whitaker Brothers offers power and efficiency in a heavy-duty machine. specially designed roller system perforates and crushes plastic bottles or aluminum cans, reducing them to 1/3 or 1/4 their original size. These rollers are constructed of specially hardened and ground steel, completely resistant to wear and guaranteed for a long service life. So where do you begin? user-friendly keypad allows for manual operation thanks to on, off, and reverse functions. Simply pull hopper down, load up your bottles and cans, and set hopper back into place. dosing shaft features integrated blades to ensure reliable feeding of your materials. Capable of crushing up to 2,400 plastic bottles or aluminum cans in an hour, RecyclemakeR SA is easily considered a great asset in volume reduction industry. With crushing speed this great, most waste bins would fill up rather quickly. RecyclemakeR SA offers a removable material collection trolley, which holds up to an impressive 76.6 gallons of processed bottles. A sturdy scraper system within machine helps remove compressed plastic bottles and cans from rollers, preventing any blockages or downtime while clearing. LED control panel displays operational status of machine, including ready, overload, door open, and bag full. To help decreases your energy consumption and lower your electricity bills, RecyclemakeR SA will automatically switch off after 2 minutes of inactivity. Weighing a bit more than its counterpart, Recyclemaker SA totals 496 lbs. and offers dimensions of 62.4" D x 31.18" W x 35.4" H. With its size, this bottle crusher is best suited for your production or recycling center.

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