RecyclemakeR Bottle Crusher by Whitaker Brothers (Discontinued)

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RecyclemakeR Bottle Crusher:PET bottles and cans are thoroughly destroyed with RecyclemakeR Bottle Crusher by Whitaker Brothers. Volume reduction is one of best ways to define this machine's purpose. extra wide 19" opening is extremely accommodating, allowing user to load an ample amount of bottles into crusher at once. Activate machine with a convenient on/off rocker switch. Simply pull down hopper, load your bottles, and tilt hopper back into place. RecyclemakeR's 2 HP drive (1600 W) powers through approximately 2000 (1 liter) bottles every hour. This unit handles bottles 2-4.72" in diameter. A pull-away bag holder can be moved in and out for easy change out and replacement. user-friendly control panel features green start/red stop buttons, as well as bin full and door open icons.This heavy duty machine weighs in at 432 lbs. and offers 63" H x 36" W x 55" D dimensions. Perfect for recycling centers, RecyclemakeR Bottle Crusher can be combined with all standard deposit return equipment. By pairing this machine with a return unit, it forms a main collection system. hard-working and long-lasting RecyclemakeR Bottle Crusher is ideal for recycling plants or bottle manufacturers.

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