Paitec MX8000 Pressure Sealer (Discontinued)

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Paitec MX8000 Pressure Sealer:Paitec MX8000 folder sealer, similar to MX6000, is small enough to fit on a desk but offers high ability of a larger sealer. It can process an impressive 13,000 forms an hour. Speed is variable, and user has much flexibility and can work in a comfortable, quiet environment. Pre-folded or even damaged applications are easily accepted by manual feeder.Input capacity is extremely high; extra long feed tray holds up to 2,500 documents. 4 roller sealing system advances sealing quality to a maximum. reverse friction system detects double feeding with ease, and a cooling fan is included. This versatile sealer has ability to work in-line with a printer, and optional auto extending conveyor stacker holds 700 finished forms. With high flexibility and dependability, Paitec MX8000 pressure sealer is beneficial anywhere, from an office to a mailroom. ;Remarkable duty cycle; finishes 400,000 pieces in a month.

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