Paitec MX11000 Pressure Sealer (Discontinued)

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Description of the Paitec MX11000 Pressure Sealer

The Paitec MX11000 heavy duty pressure sealing machine provides a greener way of mailing. The MX 9000 is able to fold and seal 11_x009d_ and 14_x009d_ sheets (up to 9_x009d_ wide) with Z, EZ, E, EC, V, Double Parallel, or custom folds before sealing. A large infeed capacity holds 700 sheets at once and uses an auto-lift system for smooth processing. The unique reverse friction roller (RFR system) detects and corrects double feeds automatically without any user intervention The MX 11000 is designed with a four-roller sealing unit, instead of the typical two, to ensure maximum sealing at fast speeds. While the MX1100 can fold and seal up to 11,000 sheets per hour, the speed can be adjusted to the users comfort level and for a more quiet work environment.

The MX11000 has a monthly duty cycle of up to 200,000 pieces, meaning users can process up to 200,000 forms in a single month without overworking the machine. It can work as a standalone machine or with the optional kit it will work inline with select high-speed printers for a complete print and seal process. Other options include a steel cabinet with locking casters for mobility and storage, an auto sequential vertical stacker and an auto-extending conveyor stacker. Please call for pricing.

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