Paitec IM9500 Pressure Sealer (Discontinued)

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Paitec IM9500 Pressure Sealer:Paitec IM9500 folder sealer, comparable to IM4000 sealer, works in-line with printers, accomplishing printing, folding and sealing at once. It is a heavy duty print-and-mail system, allowing you to effortlessly go through mailing jobs with its 200,000 monthly duty cycle, saving both money and production time. Processing up to 8,400 pieces an hour, this pressure sealer has oversized rollers and angled seal technology, both of which ensure superior performance and quality sealing. automatic double feed diverter system avoids double feeding via handy bypass tray. Maintenance is simple with unique sliding design, unit able to easily glide into and out of place. versatile IM9500 pressure sealer is compatible with HP and most other printers. exit conveyor stacker holds an incredible 600 documents, enabling folder sealer to continuously process. With capability of folding and sealing up to 200,000 applications a month, this Paitec folder sealer processes jobs quickly and effortlessly.

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