Paitec IM4000 Pressure Sealer (Discontinued)

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Paitec IM4000 Pressure Sealer:IM4000 Paitec pressure sealer works in-line with a printer and is a reliable production unit. Its jetlink communication with HP printers enables printer to stop should a jam occur. It is compliant with most laser printers that have a rear exit option. No user involvement is required; it automatically starts when printer does. convenient double feed diverter system automatically identifies unrecognizable sheets and double feeds, moving them into bypass tray. manual sealing slot allows pre-folded forms to be processed, and damaged forms too. Sealing quality is superior with advanced technology, and unit slides out on gliders for easy maintenance. This folder sealer is sure to get job done in no time, easily processing 50,000 forms per month. Get your folding, sealing and printing done all at once with Paitec IM4000 pressure sealer.

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